Wildsole Sandals - Brand Launch Imagery

These Sandals forced me to be a barefoot runner - well, I wore barefoot shoes, I wore barefoot sandals, I wasn't a runner.

Sometimes the Universe just makes things happen, you come across someone, you chat (Froe) and you swim in the cold water and you chat some more, then he says he knows a man that makes sandals.....

Soooooo long story short, Tom and James from Wildsole Sandals came to the Lakes, to shoot the images for the launch of their Brand and website, we needed to get a lot of variation to both populate the site and to keep them going while momentum grew on their socials.

My role was location scouting and mocking up my the shots I had in mind for them. Images were to work across social media, vertical, horizontal, letterbox, 16x9 vert and horizontal and so on - for me they also had to look pretty as a picture!

'Forced me to be a Barefoot runner' - well you see, I'm not a runner, I don't really like running but actually, running in barefoot sandals appealed, on the shoot I met Laura and Dave who are very active supporters of ParkRun at Fell Foot, so the week after the shoot I rocked up for my first Parkrun, this was late March 2023, I have loved the community of Parkrun and steadily got faster, target being under 30 mins by the time of my 50th birthday (managed 28.10 the week before) this spurred me on to do the Kendal Mountain Festival / Terrex 10K, which I didn't like (quite enjoyed) with Dave running with me - September 2024, I appear to have signed up to a bloody Ultra Marathon which of course I will be doing in barefoot sandals, for goodness sake!

It's fair to say, I love this brand, I live the brand, which allows me to reflect the brand in the images I shoot - its well documented that barefoot is good for you, strength, posture, general wellbeing, happy feet!